Print on PVC, Acrylic
120 x 200
Most encounters with animals in our day to day life occur passively, almost unnoticed. Especially farm animals are invisible and made invisible. Through metaphorical as well as physical, i.e. literal fragmentation they disappear from the human sphere and thus become "Absent Referents". (cf. Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics Of Meat) 
3D-Scans of hands forming certain shapes represent these manmade, fragmented versions of animals, which we encounter: in physical pieces (meat, clothing), as well as within different aspects of cultural discourse (media, toys, allegories etc.). The aesthetic of the scanned images alludes to the physical dissection, the theme of shadow puppets symbolizes the metaphorial fragmentation. Human attempts of reproduction of animals' presence often result in diffuse, uncanny versions of the actual individuals which are thereby rendered "Absent Referents".